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Reviews of Wild Strawberries by Mae Hensley

I just started reading your book a couple of days ago...I was hooked after the first page...I love it!! I can't wait to see what happens next. I wish I had more than 30 minutes a day to read really makes the long wait in the car-rider line at Ally's school much more enjoyable...I hope you're already writing another book because you are a very gifted story-teller.

I finished reading your book yesterday...I absolutely LOVED it!! I am usually pretty good at figuring out 'who did it' long before I actually finish a book but I gotta tell you, I was shocked; I never would have suspected that person as the murderer. I guess I will have to pick up a John Grisham book to bide my time until you come out with your next thriller...I can't wait!!

-Posted on Facebook by Kim Deyton

Couldn't put this book down!!

-Posted on Facebook by Brenda Aldridge Sharpe Farr

Mae, just finished your book. LOVED IT!!!!!! I am really looking forward to #2!

-Posted on Facebook by Page Wilder

I finished the book last night! I loved it. Great story, I loved Edie, actually I loved all your characters. The ending was a big surprise, I usually know the ending before I get there, but not this time. A really good read, thanks, will there be a book number 2 in the future, there could be!

-Posted on Facebook by Karen Cable