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Is your book [available]on CD? I [would] love to buy one of your books. I am so happy for you

Thank You,

Randy Windsor


I liked this book. The stories, while written for children, will be enjoyed by adults as well. The illustrations by Mary Lukas are very well done. I am glad to see that reviews were written at the end of each animal's tale. Pun intended! These help to reinforce the strong and positive lessons learned in the book. Well done and kudos to Susette Drogo.



A very charming book with life lessons for everyone! Adults while reading the stories to their children will also reflect on the message being given by the lives of these precious pets. The author is a kind and giving Christian woman who also has a testimony of love and service to others. God bless Susette Drogo in all that life holds for her.


Mary Perkins


I have read Susette's book and I think it is a wonderful book,for children & in my opinion for grownups too. I am 78 yrs. old & I just love it, it is really cute & it will also will also give children a lesson in God's love for all,animals as well as people, I thought it was just beautiful, it even made me cry , it was so moving, I can't express myself enough.



What a wonderful book!! My children and I loved reading the book and answering the questions together. It is so inspiring to read about such kindness and love these days. I will do my best to always be thankful for my blessings.




A Wonderful and heartwarming book for children and adults. More people should have such sensitivity towards their pets and all animals. Beautifully done, bringing tears to my eyes.

Marianne Ott


Ya did a great job on your book. Even though ya'll lived behind us and I watched them all grow-up.The way ya wrote the book and how ya show us that critters have feelings too! And God is there for them as He is for us.The stories brught tears to my eyes, for I knew each one of them and I can feel how each one felt. Great book for everyone!!!

Hoping ya'll can write another adventure starting with the little critters!

Colleen Drogo

This is a beautiful story of love and faith. It applies to all of us, and we can all see a little bit of ourselves, or others, in the struggles and blessings of the animals. A wonderful bedtime read for children. This is no reflection on the author and illustrator. The illustrations are beautiful and appropriate for each scene of the story. The only change I would like to see is that the FONT used is not "reader friendly" and unusual for a children's book. Many thanks to the author for a good bedtime story book. I am looking forward to seeing more children's books from this talented lady.

Wileen Reber