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January Syllabus


For Already Registered Missionaries

As in November and December you will now continue your Mission 2004 adventure by reading over

this area of our website called "The January Syllabus."


This part of your journey on a mission with God is needful to make the days you spend in Scotland

ones filled with valuable contributions to the lives of those you will be ministering to.


Read all the pages carefully.  Click on all links, please. 


Fact is, I have most of the November "Confidential Surveys" returned as of this moment. 

You will continue to receive directives from the website in the

months of February, March, and April, 2004.  If you yield to participating in this pre trip

work, the actual trip will be a "piece of cake" and filled with success in Him.


The January Syllabus has a spiritual emphasis.  It's purpose is not to be nosey.  Rather, we

want to encourage you to actively examine your spiritual status.


Later Syllabi will emphasize other aspects of the short-term missionary's ministry with

S.C.O.T., Ltd., helping all of us recall that the "T" in S.C.O.T. stands for 'Teams."  We

are outreach teams, not "soloists," so to speak.


Soon you will learn from email contact from us such daily info as flight numbers, times, dates,

etc., along with team assignments, names and addresses of other team mates, etc.   Most of your

individual and corporate success, in Christ, in Scotland will be based in these pre-trip



No two short-term missionary agencies work exactly the same.  So the key words will still be:

Be Flexible!"


Are you excited yet?


The Board and leaders of S.C.O.T, Ltd. are praying for you.  Are you praying for them?


                                                                                                Pastor Bill Orr, Founder.

Click on the Links Below:Click on the links below:

Who I am in Christ

Who I am in Christ, pt. II

The Exhanged Life by Don Krowe: Overcoming the Power of Sin

The Exchanged Life by Hudson Taylor

The Exchanged Life:  "Put Off" and "Put On."

Prayer to Live by the Spirit

Prayer--"Our Resouce for Victory" by Theodore Epp of Back to the Bible Ministries

Prayer for Spiritual Victory

Prayer and Praise

Spiritual Warfare Prayer

"Rediscovering Sexual Purity" Life Action Revival Ministries

Take the Spiritual Gifts Online Survey

Take the Spiritual Gifts Online Test

Take the Ministry Tools Resouce Center's Online Spiritual Gifts Survey

"Heart Searching For Repentance and Personal Revival" Do An Online Exercise

Making it Personal:  The Three Simple Steps to Knowing Jesus Christ as Your Personal Lord and Savior.

What is the Gospel?

Finding the Right Job based on Christian Principles:  Take the Edinburg, Scotland-based, online questionnaire.




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