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August_24__2006.jpg (149638 bytes)

Group posing with Judge Maria Lopez after the August 26, 2006 taping.  Thanks Jennie Peters for sharing your picture!

If you have comments or pics from past shows I'd love to post them here.  Just shoot me an email,


billcunningham8-24a.jpg (107518 bytes)

Having some fun on the stage after the Bill Cunningham Show on August 24, 2012

stevewilkos8-21.jpg (73357 bytes)

Our group posing for a picture with Steve Wilkos after the August 22, 2012 evening taping.  STEVE!


JohnMayerEricClaptonGMA7-20.jpg (480705 bytes)

John Mayer with special guest Eric Clapton/Good Morning America/Bryant Park/July 20, 2007 Trip.

young6-21.jpg (1231725 bytes)

The crew from June 21, 2007 with Judge David Young.


Lopez5-24.jpg (1157727 bytes)

The crew from the May 24, 2007 trip to see Judge Lopez.

dscn1229.jpg (1159530 bytes)

The crew from the October 18, 2006 trip to see Montel Williams.

cynthianme.jpg (39341 bytes)

Peter talking with Cynthia Garrett after the taping of Life & Style

firstgrp2.JPG (39498 bytes)

Group posing with Kimora Lee (Baby Phat) of Life & Style

group5.jpg (43264 bytes)

Striking a pose before the show:  Jules Asner, Kimora Lee, Lynne Koplitz, Cynthia Garrett

julesme3.jpg (13630 bytes)

Peter with Jules Asner after A&E's Live By Request with Blondie concert, in May of 2004.


julesgrp2.jpg (357492 bytes)

Group posing with Jules Asner after Life & Style

Jan11TimesSquare.jpg (1096595 bytes)

Andrea, Mike, Sobes, Garrett, Bill & Christine.  Times Square after Montel Williams.

wpe28.jpg (91512 bytes)

Look who Mike ran into!

MontelMuhlenbergGroup.jpg (150662 bytes)

Dr. Stahl's Muhlenberg College Group.

montelgroup5-14.jpg (114053 bytes)

Our group before the taping of Living Well with Montel (Health Master Infomercial) 2011.  Montel Williams and co-host Forbes Riley.

BillCunninghamJune29.jpg (114031 bytes)

Our group at the Bill Cunningham Show, June 29, 2012.

LOKC_pilot_evite_A1.jpg (196931 bytes)

Our group attended the TV pilot for this show that never made the network cut.   Dr. Oz was there supporting his wife Lisa.

MONTEL6-24.JPG (2112516 bytes)

Our group at the taping of the Tommie Copper infomercial with Montel Williams

x-factor-simon1.jpg (25713 bytes)

Members of our group getting an autograph from Simon Cowell, before the taping of The X Factor in Newark, NJ.