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Query Form

Make certain to fill out the form completely.  Incomplete forms will be disregarded.

Fiction or Non-Fiction? Fiction
Title of Your Manuscript
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If Orr Books is interested in reading your manuscript you will be contacted by email within 10 days of your query.

If you have questions, feel free to use the form above.  Place the word "Question" in the Title of Manuscript box.

We do not accept queries from literary agents.

We do not accept simultaneous submissions.

So why don't we accept simultaneous submissions? It's a time and money issue. We don’t want to spend precious time and effort reading a manuscript, spending hours on cover design and formatting, checking or even clearing our publishing schedule, and sending it to another editor for a second opinion, just to find out that the author sold the rights to the book the day before. It’s annoying and frustrating, and it wastes out time and energy.

If you are currently waiting on another publisher, or if another publisher is presently considering your manuscript, please do the respectful thing and obtain an answer from the other party first before submitting to Orr Books. The other possibility would be for the author of the manuscript to withdraw their manuscript voluntarily from consideration with any competing publisher.




Orr Books encourages you to carefully read over the Information page first before filling out the query form.  We are not interested in partially completed manuscripts, or ideas for books.

We do not accept queries from literary agents.

















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