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This is not our full formal application for doing short-term missions by Americans in Scotland, or visa versa.  This is the pre-application.

hurdgroup.jpg (30413 bytes)Do not send any money, nor your passport photo with this form.  Print this page and mail to the S.C.O.T. Ltd. office.   Your acceptance will be prompt, Lord willing.


Scotland Christian Outreach Teams, Ltd.
143 Dogwood Drive
Bernville, PA 19506


Pre-App./SCOT, Ltd. (Block Print Only)

Missionary Name:__________________________________________


State: ____   Zip: _________

Home Phone: (_____)-___-______    

Email: ________________(required)

Work Phone: (_____)-___-______ 

Pastor's Name: ______________________________

Church Phone: (_____)-___-______ 

I am seeking to serve as a short-term missionary in:

(check one)


_____The USA

_____Sir, please contact me a.s.a.p. to discuss how

I can join a SCOT team to do short-term missions. 

Indicate the sort of work you would be interested in:______