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March Syllabus







For 2006 Missionaries



We continue our plans of preparation for all of our short term missionaries.  Make use of this month's syllabus please.

Teams will appear here and be sorted by date and departure.  The captain is named and is in charge of each

team.  Participants are listed, with name, address, and phone numbers, plus email addresses are later listed.

No alphabetical order is given.  Notice that all dates, names, addresses, phones and emails are subject to change at any time.

Purpose of lists:  Begin praying for your teammates on a daily basis.   Call out to the Lord each of their names.  Ask God to

bless them in specific ways.  Beg the Lord to give you each power from on high to teach the gospel with the purpose in mind of

leading many to Christ and thus expanding the Kingdom of God in Scotland.   Call some.  Introduce yourself.  Share common

missionary problems.  We give you basic help on this website, but you need to relate to your mates before you meet them at the




Final Payments are Due on or before April 1, 2006


Note: Ticket and Passport name spellings must be identical.


Team A-1  




Team A-2



Team A



Team B




Team C             




Team E



Team F-1
Team F-2
Team F
Team O  



The Power of Partnership:  Click on these links to read about the power we have as partners in the spreading of the Gospel


Relationships: Friendship v. Fellowhip
The Power of Partnership
The Power of Partnership by Randy Hix
Christian Fellowship by J. Hampton Keathley III
Our Partnership in the Gospel by Ingo Abraham
Partnership with God


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